Drawing Prompt: Mushroom Manor

8:43 PM, Saturday March 26th 2022

The servant's house - Album on Imgur

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Psilocybia is the most breathtaking country-side renovation project the Mushroom Kingdom has seen in the last three decades. Boasting an impressive 300 (yes, three-hundred!) high end villas, and a whopping 5 acres of shroomland, it's no wonder we're all booking our tunnel tickets to see this incredible resort.

However, a lesser known fact is that Shroom-kind have actually been growing on this land for hundreds of years!

During my three day visit to the area, I stumbled across this old cottage house. During my research for this article, I discovered that there's actually dozens of other buildings just like this scattered around the land. These buildings used to house up to 10-15 Mushrooms at a time, which is very cramped considering the average household of three Mushrooms today! Back in 1632, when Lord-Count-Baron Agaricus II moved into his newly built stately manor, he needed a great many servants to tend to the house and the land, and so these cottages were built to house them.

The cottages are long since abandoned, and indeed many have either fallen down, or been demolished during the new renovations. However, if you keep a close eye out, you might just spot one of these old buildings on the land.

-Andrew Shroomfield,

Travel reporter for the Subterranean Network
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