Hello Zakinithos, congrats on finishing the lesson! I'll be looking over your work.

Starting with your sausages, you did a good job with drawing them confidently and varying the degrees of your contours to create a solid illusion of depth. There are still two issues I'm seeing however; firstly, there are a couple of instances where you're not sticking to the characteristics of simple sausages. Remember that your sausages should look like two identical spheres connected by a tube of consistent width. The second mistake is the fact that you're not hooking your contours around the sausage to make sure that the contour you drew still looks 3D. As you keep practicing with these contours, hooking them around the form you're drawing them on won't be necessary but since you don't have much experience with them right now, some of them look out of place and make your sausages appear flatter than they actually are.

Moving onto the constructions, although you have a couple of mistakes, your work here seems generally well done. I'll try to talk about what you've done right as well as what you could work on in the future.

Firstly, I'm very glad to see that you were able to work additively. Throughout all of your constructions, you always prioritized building on top of your forms instead of starting big and then cutting into the forms you've created. The reason why we avoid cutting into the silhouette for these lessons is because when we only alter the silhouette we tend to end up with rather flat looking shapes (as explained here) . I'm sorry for explaining a mistake you didn't make but I felt the need to go over this because working additively is a huge part of lesson 5.

Overall you've done a pretty good job with employing the sausage method as much as possible. However, you occasionally strayed away from this in order to make your constructions look cleaner (in some legs in the tarantula construction, for example). Remember that although it may seem unnecessary at times, drawing through our forms helps us develop a stronger sense of 3D space.

The main mistake I'd like to talk about is your line quality. Overall, you seem to be very hesitant when it comes to placing down your marks. You also occasionally went over some of your mistakes to correct them, resulting in your constructions looking rather messy. It's completely natural for us to forget what we've learned so I'd recommend you to revisit the lesson 1 material. Also if you wish to read more about hesitation, make sure to take a look at this comment by Uncomfortable.

On the topic of line quality, you should also pay attention to your line weight. When used correctly, line weight really helps make the image more readable. When used more loosely though (in your ant construction, for example), line weight only helps reinforce the silhouette. In order to get the most out of your line weight, try to only use it to show how forms relate to each other (like shown here).

Overall, you did a pretty good job with this lesson and I'm sure you'll be able to fix the mistakes I mentioned here so I'm going to mark this submission as complete, good luck with lesson 5!

If you have any questions or if there's anything I misunderstood with this submission, feel free to let me know!