Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

12:52 AM, Friday March 11th 2022

Homework drawbox luny - Album on Imgur

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Homeworks for lesson 1.

Used material: Pilot G2 0.7mm, SAKURA MICRO pigma 0.50mm fineliner

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3:17 AM, Saturday March 12th 2022

Great work on completing Lesson 1 homework!

Okay so, I'll break it down for ya in the three sections: lines, ellipses and your boxes;

1.Lines: GREAT work on your lines so far. There's little to none fraying in the beginning which is good. Confident and accurate lines are also great in the Ghosted Lines exercise. Only one thing I noticed is that there's a little bit of arching which can be caused by not mostly using the shoulder pivot. If you were using the shoulder pivot it can be worth mentioning that you can try and arch consciously to the opposite direction.

2.Ellipses: Your ellipses also look good. You're drawing through them 2-3 times and they look pretty confident. Only a small note to add in your Tables of Ellipses exercise, is that you should try your best to keep them within the borders and close to the corners, but overall great work!

3.Boxes: Wonderful job on your boxes. They're overall smooth with almost no serious wobbling whatsoever. Great work on the Rotated Boxes exercise, narrow gaps and good rotation. Organic Perspective also looks really nice, the growth from bigger to small and the boxes rotating are good.

Genuinely fantastic job on this homework.

Next Steps:

Move onto the 250 Box Challenge.

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9:32 AM, Monday March 14th 2022

Thanks! I will work on my lines and accuracy of my ellipses.

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