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    3:44 AM, Monday April 4th 2022

    thanks for the critiques, I'm going to revisit the lesson 2 homeworks

    11:13 PM, Friday March 25th 2022

    I think I need to take some more time in doing the practice without thinking of result, just like the first day of workout.

    11:10 PM, Friday March 25th 2022
    Really appreciate the time and effort for the critiques I will revisit some of my mistakes. 
    1:12 AM, Monday March 21st 2022

    alright thanks.

    9:32 AM, Monday March 14th 2022

    Thanks! I will work on my lines and accuracy of my ellipses.

    12:07 AM, Sunday March 13th 2022

    Great, I'll be working on the 250 boxes challenge.

    12:40 AM, Saturday March 12th 2022

    alright thanks ! :D

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