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    1:32 PM, Thursday March 31st 2022

    You did a really nice job, I like the effect you've achieved with the brush for the background.

    1:04 PM, Tuesday March 29th 2022

    Thank you :) Also yours are pretty cool!

    4:47 PM, Tuesday March 15th 2022

    Thanks a lot for your feedback!

    I made that mistake with the contour ellipses because I wasn't yet full aware of how the organic form sat in space; I started understanding during the contour curves and mostly during the dissections and the organic intersections.

    5:04 PM, Saturday February 12th 2022

    Thank you very much for the critique, it's really appreciated :)

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    10:02 AM, Sunday January 30th 2022

    Hi, I will be critiquing your work!


    They are mostly smooth and they maintain a constant trajectory, some of the are slightly curving near the points(in the ghosted lines) but they got better as you moved foward withe the others exercises.


    You made a good job in the tables of ellipses and in the ellipses in planes; the ellipses in the funnels are confident (which is mostly what you're aiming for), but there are some that don't have the minor axis aligned, not a big deal, but keep that in mind, so you can fix that as you move on.


    Really good job also here, there are of course some mistakes in the perspective, but you will gradually fix them in the 250 box challenge. You seem to have tried to correct a few edges by adding line weight, which makes the mistakes even more visible (especially on the inner edges). Aim to draw an edge only once and add line weight on the outer edges only to make the form clearer.

    Next Steps:

    I think you're ready to move on to the 250 box challenge, good luck!

    Remember to do a warm up every session with a couple of exercise from lesson 1.

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    1:35 PM, Friday January 14th 2022

    Hi, thank you very much for the review :) I'll work on the mistakes you have underlined.

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