Superimposed lines : The smaller ones are kind wobbly. Try doing them strait and faster, even if the miss the mark (making them sexy is priority here, not making them hit). You had more trouble on the curvy ones so keep practicing them in your warm ups. The starting point vary a tiny bit. I know you can be more precise because in some of them, you actually are!

Ghosted lines : they are less wobbly than your superimposed lines but they curve. That might be because your are not using the shoulder and having the elbow on the table. Try never having your elbow on the table and using the shoulder for the movement. The hand can be touching lightly and sliding on it. The lines might be curving also because you go too slowly and you let your brain correct the path. Instead go fast, like a samurai, but prepare well by ghosting before. Strait lines will be essential for the lessons ahead.

Table of ellipses : In each box, try keeping a more similar degree. Also the ellipses are not firm. I found that going through them more times helped me, in practice, getting them firmer. Also at the end, try lifting up your fineliner to not give a tail to your ellipses. I also find them wobbly. Try going faster, but use the ghosting method before doing them. The ghosting method should be used for every single mark you put on the paper. Keep practicing them in the warm ups because they will be really useful for the next lessons.

Ellipses in planes : You went through them more times than in the table of ellipses, good job on that. They are also less wobbly.

Funnels : The major axis of the ellipses isn't always perpendicular to their supposed degree but should be. Also the ellipses in the center should be narrower.

Plotted perspective : Nice.

Rough Perspective : You got seriously better at hitting close the the vp. Good job on that. The problem is that your boxes bend. Keep doing the ghosted planes warm up you will get better at doing strait lines. Go faster. Prepare more. Use your shoulder (as mentioned above).

Rotated boxes : Great attempt at that exercise. If you imagine lines that project from them to the vp, the vp should be moving in one direction for each parallel line. It is not always the case but it's normal, this exercise is too hard for now. On reason it could be the case that they are not really rotating is that you probably ignored the squares you put in the 4 corners.

Organic perspective : Do did well of maintaining a similar foreshortening. Also, the lines are getting straiter. The only thing is that the parallel lines don't alway converge towards the same point, but it's alright, because you will have pleinty of practice in the 250 box challenge!

Overall, you had a good understanding of what was required. Continue working on strait lines in your warm ups (ghosted planes). Work on making your ellipses firmer (table of ellipses) and continue doing superimposed lines as they will be important to make weight lines on future objects.