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9:47 PM, Sunday February 2nd 2020

I think this is a decent first step. You're superimposed lines are little messy and frayed, but your ghosted lines are decently straight. You're ellipses could use some more work too, but that will come with practice. One trick that might help with ellipses is to make sure your forearm is aligned with the minor axis while you draw them.

On the boxes, your convergences are often off, and I think you can probably see this when you check them. Beyond that though make sure that parallel lines don't converge, which I see some of on the rough perspective and rotated boxes exercise.

On the organic boxes I don't see any overlaps and the change in size from front to back should be more dramatic.

However, my biggest issue here is one of completeness. The assignment instructions say "Filled pages", but many of these are less than even halfway full. And several that are "full", like the superimposed lines, aren't actully very dense.

I'd suggest revisiting some of these exercises for the sake of completeness, as well as the extra practice it would give you.

Next Steps:

Do 1 more fllled page each of:

  • superimposed lines

  • ghosted lines

  • funnels

  • plotted perspective

  • rough perspective

  • organic boxes

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
8:09 PM, Wednesday February 5th 2020

First of all. Thank you for your review, helped a lot! I wanted to thank you before but decided to do the exercises and send them together so you don't lose your time seeing a reply with no extra content.

Your tips helped me a lot, especially about drawing ellipses. I worked on making these pages, made a lot of dumb mistakes like drawing one of the plotted perspective frames in 1pp or getting angry for making mistakes in the rough perspective. But I felt I went a little bit better.

Here it is:


3:10 AM, Thursday February 6th 2020

Much better. I don't have any more specific critiques to add to this other than remember to keep doing all these for warmups going forward. Have fun in the box challenge.

Next Steps:

Proceed to 250 box challenge.

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