250 Box Challenge

11:18 PM, Tuesday June 22nd 2021

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Hey! This is my 250 boxes challenge submission, it took me some weeks 'cause i've been super busy, so it might be a bit inconsistent towards the end.

Anyway, any feedback is welcome!

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7:56 AM, Wednesday June 23rd 2021
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Hello, first of all, I just want to say congratulations on finishing the 250 box challenge! It is surely a tough challenge but you have endured drawing the same thing over and over again.

I will point out some mistakes and give feedback on how to fix them.

  • Your lines look good, they are straight and confident, although they tend to wobble a bit when you add line weight. Keep in mind to always draw from your shoulder no matter how short the lines are and how awkward it may feel.

  • Looking at the boxes, you have placed some of the extension lines wrongly on boxes 2, 3, and 60. These lines should be extended away from the viewer and towards their own vanishing point. A good rule of thumb is to always extend the lines away from the center dot of the Y. You keep on improving each page and the extension lines are now placed 100% accurately so good job for that.

  • The divergences are significant from the first few pages (as it should be) but it gradually fades away as you continue through the process. The inner corners of the boxes may sometimes look pretty off even with the recent ones though it is completely common and normal as they are influenced by the accumulation of past errors. You can fix this through more planning by thinking about the box as a whole and comparing the angles of all the other lines. Take advantage of the lines that are pretty close and make them parallel. (https://i.imgur.com/8PqQLE0.png)

  • Additionally, it is easier to draw the inner corner before the last line of the box. (https://imgur.com/a/DHlA3Jh)

  • Those hatching lines look pretty confident, consistent, and evenly spaced! Though it is sometimes misplaced such as on boxes 1 and 86 where I believe that they are drawn inside the box. Remember to hatch the plane that faces the viewer (you can choose between the three). This is just my personal opinion but I think it will look better and less confusing if you hatch perpendicularly or in the opposite direction of the lines. This way, we can clearly define the lines of the box without it bunching with the hatching lines. (https://imgur.com/a/bVkbRT4)

  • Lastly, make sure to keep the angle of the Y at least 90 degrees so that it doesn't look distorted. Your boxes 77, 105, and 130 look somewhat tapered.

Overall, your boxes look clean and you minimize mistakes through each page. You have absorbed the concept of this challenge pretty well which is to develop your understanding of 3D space and how forms can be manipulated within it. I'm impressed that you completed the challenge with significant improvement even with a busy schedule. I'll give you the pass to move on to lesson 2. Great job!

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3:13 PM, Saturday June 26th 2021
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I really do struggle with all this. I appreciate the tips, specially to draw the inner corner first.

Thank you so much of your feedback! It was really helpful.

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