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2:34 AM, Friday July 10th 2020

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Hello everybody! Hoping to get some feedback on my boxes, as I still don't feel that confident with my convergences; they still keep going off all over the place. Unfortunately there's one page of boxes missing (5 boxes around the middle), Really sorry about that :c

Thanks for your time

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8:48 PM, Monday February 8th 2021

Hi, Zakinithos! I'm JoaoSiilva and I'm here to take a look at your submission today. =)

Before starting, I would like to thank you in advance for the critiques that you've written! By writing critiques, you've helped the community and I'm pretty sure that you've learned something new too!

Let's begin!

Extended Lines

At the start of the challenge, you were often extending the lines in the wrong direction. Remember that the initial Y tells you in which direction you should extend the lines. It's always away from the center of the initial Y. After this "rough" start, you were always extending the lines in the correct direction and the lines were long enough to check the convergences (or divergences).

I noticed that you didn't extend all the lines for the boxes #159-162, and #179-182 too! Excluding that and some boxes from the the beginning of the challenge that weren't extended correctly, you did a good job.

Just in case, here's a diagram that shows you how to extend the lines.

Divergences and parallels

Another problem that occurred often is that you had lines diverging. Usually it was due the inner corner that messed up the box but there also are boxes like #113 or #173 that have entire sets of lines diverging. By the end of the challenge you almost never did this mistake.

Like it was explained on the website, you're aiming for boxes with shallow perspective and some boxes with a more dramatic perspective here and there to get a better grasp at how the vanishing points influence your boxes.

And about the inner corner that I mentioned before, one tip that personally helped me a lot was to draw the inner corner a bit earlier. That way, there's a higher chance that your box will look solid! Here's a little guide on that.


While optional, it is a great way to improve the quality of your lines as you're doing the challenge. I'm glad that you hatched one side of each box but I need to point out that it sometimes looks rushed and the lines themselves were arcing or were wobbly. Remember that you can always ghost them.


You did not add line-weight to your boxes. You should have done another superimposed line on the silhouette of the box like it was explained here on the website.

When adding line-weight, remember that confidence is more important than accuracy (as always).

Lines in general

You overshot many lines and your lines sometimes were a bit wobbly or arcing. Like I said on the previous point, always aim for confident lines.

Distorted boxes

Finally, some boxes like #180 and 243 look distorted because one the angles of the initial Y was smaller than 90°. If the box has 3 visibles sides, then all 3 angles of the Y should be bigger than 90°. Here's a diagram about the angles of the initial Y for boxes with 2 or 3 visible sides.

By the end of the challenge, your boxes were starting to be consistently good but I feel like you should do a few more. The very last page that you did now (Feb 2021) looks quite good if we ignore the lines that were arcing or that you overshot.

So, I'm going to ask you to do 5 extra boxes. Keep in mind everything that I said and reply to this critique with your revision. And remember, DO NOT rush to do them. Take your time.

Next Steps:

Do 5 extra boxes

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
9:35 PM, Tuesday February 9th 2021

Thanks for the feedback ^^

Tried to keep that all in mind drawing these boxes:


9:42 AM, Wednesday February 10th 2021

Good job! =)

They still are arcing a bit and you're overshoting a bit your lines too but besides that it's well done. Your inner corner looks better now too!

I'm going to mark your submission as completed!

Good luck on Lesson 2 Lesson 3!

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