Question about drawing insect legs

11:10 PM, Monday December 6th 2021

I'm currently doing lesson 4. But I'm have a question regarding drawing legs. I'm having trouble drawing the insect legs using my whole arm. The forms are so skinny and short that I have trouble drawing them in a swift motion and I tend to mess them up. Should I keep pushing forward using my whole arm until I get better? Would it be okay to use my wrist?

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11:23 PM, Monday December 6th 2021

I don't actually know if we're allowed to do this but what helped me was drawing the sausage in segments. So instead of drawing the whole sausage in one motion I'd draw 2 curved lines of equal spacing and then cap the ends. Making them separate lines made it much easier to control.

If you want you can check my lesson 4 submission to see the difference. In my main submission I drew them in one motion but then in my revisions I mainly used this method.

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9:40 AM, Tuesday December 7th 2021

Couple of things.

Are you trying to draw the insect too small? Perhaps drawing it bigger would help.

The drawing action you should be aiming for as confident and smooth. It doesn't need to be super quick.

It is also possible that you just need to focus a bit more practice on drawing from the shoulder separately. It all takes time.

You should try to avoid drawing from the wrist because you won't develop and improve your from the shoulder drawing. It's not easy but it is worth it.

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