Lesson 2: Contour Lines, Texture and Construction

7:52 AM, Sunday March 13th 2022

DrawABox lesson 2 samuele_caldini - Album on Imgur

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This was a pretty fun lesson compared to the previous :) Hope that everything is good enough, thanks in advance for reviewing my homeworks!

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11:54 AM, Tuesday March 15th 2022

For your organic forms with contour ellipses, make sure the width of the oval changes with the perspective of the form. For example, the second one down from the right appears to have ovals of all the same size, but based on how it's rotating the middle one should be the skinniest and the two to the sides should get slightly larger than the middle one, before reaching the ones are the ends, which will be the widest (does that make sense?)

Seems like you figured it out by the organic forms with contour lines exercise, so no need to do revisions.

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4:47 PM, Tuesday March 15th 2022

Thanks a lot for your feedback!

I made that mistake with the contour ellipses because I wasn't yet full aware of how the organic form sat in space; I started understanding during the contour curves and mostly during the dissections and the organic intersections.

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