Straight lines

3:36 AM, Tuesday March 22nd 2022

I've found myself struggle to draw a straight lines, how ever I try it always becomes a slightly curved line.

I'm not sure if I'm not drawing from the shoulder or something that my brain is working differently.

I'm using my right hand, whenever I draw down a line without thinking, it tend to curve towards the left or upward.

I have tried thinking of curving the opposite side and moving my arm straight ghosting before I put down the line. it works sometimes, yet I still make curved lines most of the time. it gives me anxiety.

because of it, When I'm working on the 250 boxes challenge or any other exercises, all of my lines tend to be slightly curved.

It might not be a major issue for now , but I think if I don't fix it it will ruin many part of the work ahead of me.

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3:53 AM, Tuesday March 22nd 2022

I find my straightest lines comes from the natural movement of my elbow. Since I'm left-handed, diagonal lines like \. For right-handed people it'd be the /. I've noticed as I practiced drawing with my elbow that I've also been subconsciously moving my wrist ever so slightly to account for the arc.

Hope that helps.

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4:33 PM, Tuesday March 22nd 2022

Make sure you are engaging your wrist, elbow and shoulder when you are practicing. You need all of these to be moving in harmony to draw straight lines. If one bit is slightly locked then it is likely your lines will not be as straight as you would like.

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